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Christopher Yates

Chris' passion is flying through the clouds in airplanes to strange exotic lands. Sometimes he gets as far as Sacramento. He gave up skydiving in 1995, but his passion for the sky continued and he became a private pilot. He hopes to own a plane of his own some day. Chris was an account manager for Rational Software before he left his job to travel the world with his bride Lisa. An accomplished snowboarded and tree lover Chris has agreed to wear a helmet. Chris likes to have his belly scratched.

Chris and Lisa both share a passion for traveling, meeting new friends and learning about other cultures. Also high on their list of favorite activities are snowboarding, rock climbing, flyfishing and camping. It's good to be Chris.

Lisa Yates

Lisa recognized her talent for art at an early age having decorated the walls of her house with a chocolate cake. After more formal training at art school she now focuses on the more productive mediums of drawing, oil painting, metal sculpture and graphic design. Lisa is the owner of a web design firm, Mighty Dragonfly and has built this website. Lisa also has a passion for dance and especially loves to belly dance. Chris loves that about her.

Lisa is blonde but was traveling undercover as a brunette in an effort to blend in and conceal her true identity as The Monkey Princess. Lisa and Chris both share a love for monkeys and gibbons. Their mission is to search out creative ways to advocate the welfare of monkeys and gibbons.

Mini Monkey  
  Mini Monkey enjoys swinging from branches, eating bananas, getting his belly scratched and sunsets on the beach. He loves to travel and hopes to meet his future bride while traveling the world with Lisa and Chris.
  Chris and Lisa helped "Chewy" escape from Monkey Land in South Africa. The Monkey Land primate sanctuary was a wonderful place to live but Chewy prefers a more rebellious life on the road. He was very exciteds at the opportunity to see the world. Chewy claims to be related to a famous moviestar. Maybe you've heard of him "Chewbaca". Chewy wants people to know he is a gibbon, not a monkey and is hoping to meet more gibbons on this trip. He enjoys swinging from tall trees, picking bugs off his friends, and he likes to sing.
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