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Below is a list of all the worthwhile websites we used while researching our trip.
A travel agency for independent worldwide travelers. They know how to get you cheap airfare by working the airline hubs and layovers. The company is owned and managed by Edward Hasbrouck author of "The Practical Nomad". (If you haven't read this book, you should it has a lot of helpful information for travelers.)

Tour del Mundo
Our good friends Jen and Mike did a similar year long world trip and this is their website. We were inspired, as I am sure you will be, by all their information on what to pack, how to budget and where to go.

Lonely Planet
A great site for destinations questions. You can post a question to the "Thorn Tree" and get your question answered by a local living in the destination in question or a recent traveler.

Earth Watch
A non-profit org that provides money for research to help protect our natural resources such as plants and animals. They get their funding by volunteers paying to travel to exotic destinations to participate in research projects. Chris and I volunteered in Kenya researching "The Lions of Tsavo". We had a wonderful time but it was a lot of work. We would recommend this kind of trip to any one that wants a working vacation were you have daily contact with locals and the environment.

Kumuka Expeditions
They provide over-land tours all over the world. Chris and I did their 21 day truck tour from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe thru Botswana and Namibia down to Cape Town in South Africa. An over-land tour like this is a safe way to see a lot of Africa in a short period of time.

Cecilia's Amazing Travel Tips
Loads of great information from a seasoned traveler

Currency converter website
Great way to research hostels
Great way to stay in touch while you travel. They provide a voicemail box for your friends and family to leave voice messages, then you can check it from any computer for free or call for a small charge you the phone and check your messages.
Free downloadable maps of any country or region

Travel Health Information:

Fabulous on-line store for travel, sports and camping gear





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