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Christmas 2007 Newsletter

We increased our family toe count to forty this year with the arrival of Lucas Christoph in March. View His Birth Announcement We have been blessed with these two little naked aliens being dropped into our lives with no clothes, money or instruction books. We continue to make it up as we go along and occasionally get it right.

Athena's natural talents as a fiercely independent two year old have blossomed this year. She's an affectionate little girl who gives hugs to all who will receive them. After a chilly reception to her brother's arrival, she has turned the corner and now accepts him with open arms (and an occasional fist of fury). Athena continues to perfect her skills of wrapping Daddy around her little finger.

Lucas (lovingly called Gookus by his sister) has an infectious smile and proudly flashes his six teeth with every flirtatious grin. We are rapidly approaching the day when he gives up the fast crawl for the wobbly walk. Once he is solidly on his feet we anticipate the eruption of a full-scale turf war rivaling those of Godzilla and King Kong. We've renamed our living room "downtown Tokyo" in preparation.

Some of our proudest achievements for the year include Lisa traveling alone with two infants on an airplane from Minnesota to California (survived), 14 entire nights of sleep so far this year without being woken up by crying babies, and moving 144 miles closer to Lake Tahoe to begin training Athena for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

With San Francisco two hours to the West and Lake Tahoe one hour to the East, we are excited about our new home in the Sierra Nevada foothills. The kids enjoy baths in the Jacuzzi tub and we are enjoying much more carpet in which to spread out our forty toes in downtown Tokyo.

We are looking forward to longer sunnier days filled with laughter as the kids discover our backyard and swimming pool.

From beneath a pile of mermaid videos, juice boxes, diapers we wish you all the best in this holiday season.


Chris, Lisa, Athena, Gookus

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