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Where in the World are Lisa and Chris?

Updated on: Feb 4, 2007

As of July 2004 we are back home in the California Bay Area. We are currently living in Campbell, California. Since we have been back, we have been busy starting a family. In September 2005 we were blessed with a birth of our beautiful daughter Athena. View Birth Announcement
We are also expecting another child, a boy, in March 2007. Life continues to treat us well and we are enjoying the adventure of parenthood. Once we get our children out of diapers and acting like people and not monkeys we want to show them the world. So stay tuned...the Monkeytrek adventure will continue in a few years.

Here is an update on our lives from our 2006 Christmas letter:

It’s been a big year of transition in lifestyle for us! We continue to search for the owner’s manual for our young monkey, Athena. In the meantime, we lean on friends, family, the occasional doctor and a whole lot of intuition as we learn to raise our sparkling new child.

We are truly blessed because she is such a happy and joyful little girl. Athena’s resume grows daily with all her new adventures. Growling came to her early and walking was added to her list of accomplishments this past summer. Sharing bananas and restraining the urge to bite are among her more recent victories. We are crazy enough to have another monkey in the works and recently discovered it is a boy due for his first public performance in mid-March! Elvis, Tonto, Zeus and Istanbul remain highly ranked on the list of names being considered.

We took advantage of Athena’s free flight status with a January vacation to Kauai, a February trip to visit Grandparents and Great Grandparents in Minnesota, Jessica and David’s July wedding in Oregon followed by a visit to Grandpa Ben’s cattle ranch in Idaho, and Tim and Amy’s wedding in Texas in September. The travel bug dies a slow death.

Shortly after we celebrated Athena’s first birthday in September, our Austrian friends Harry and Carola stayed with us during their five week visit to America. We look forward to sharing time with them in the Austrian Alps sometime in the not so distant future.

Chris started a new job (again) and promises this one will stick. We look forward to spending our Christmas with Athena and the bun-in-the-oven in Lake Tahoe this year. Thank you all for your support and love this year while we stumble through the process of becoming parents. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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More family pictures coming soon!


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