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Local People

Just when you thought all teenagers were self indulgent and didn't care about anything but music and being cool, you meet a young man named Paulus (pronounced Palace).

Paulus lives in a township outside of Swapokmund in Namibia. He is very poor and lives in a town that resembles a concentration camp, but he has the warmest smile and heart. Untouched by his tough living conditions, he has hope and a wonder about the world and the people in it.

He approached me when I was on a township tour of his neighborhood. He made picture frames out of card board in the shape of his country Namibia and was selling them for 10 Namibian Dollars ($1 US). I of course, bought one and we started talking.

It was a pleasant surprise that Paulus was so well spoken for someone of his age. We talked for a while and then with a glow in his eyes he asked me to be his pen pal. He said he has a file at home of all the different people he has met and kept in contact with. His hobby is to learn about all the different counties of the world and meet new friends in the process. I was so touched that he wanted to write me, it made my entire trip to Namibia worth while.

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